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What people have said about Ms. Sulby:

Razaaq Adoti in Cover the Film - "Susanne is the best dialect coach I've had. She is able to teach the shapes and placement of each sound not just have you repeat the sound. Great work."

Elaina McGee, instructor for Syracuse in NYC - " My students loved working with you!"

Michael Jones, current student, "As I mentioned in class, I feel I am getting great benefit from class and Wendy remarked on noticing an improvement in my vocal work that appears spurred by the Linklater work."

As an actress Ms. Sulby has received favorable reviews through out her career. The following are a few examples.

Philadelphia Inquirer - "First rate work... by Susanne Sulby..." in 'Black Russian'

Philadelphia City Paper - "Susanne Case (Sulby) as kabuki-ized Player Queen in Hamlet, here, as Queen Elizabeth, has an impressive stand-off with Richard... The 'weeping Queens' scene..., Margaret, Elizabeth and Richards Mother ... is quite wonderful." in Hamlet and Richard III

City Paper (online review from M. J. Fine) - "In her one-woman meditation on war, Susanne Sulby lifts text from several sources, including Rumi’s 13th-century poetry and e-mail from a soldier in Mosul. Alone on stage, she’s a survivor, a warrior and a mother; on screen, she’s a reporter recounting various horrors and finding it harder to keep her facts straight and herself together. Sulby offers no solutions, but she creates a safe space for considering how to stop being numb and start doing good."  Visit Sanctuary at

John (Theater Patron) - “Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the show. It was thought provoking and moving. Susanne is a wonderful actress and a fabulous writer. She did a terrific job of elucidating the sobering fact that man’s violent nature transcends ethnicity and ideology.”

Rabbi Schein (Theater Patron) - “Mazel on a fantastic performance! Throughout the performance-whenever I was s not gripped with one emotion or another- I kept thinking “Brilliant!” Images from the performance ran through my mind all day yesterday.”

(Various student responses from the Champions of Caring Student Performance) - “ I loved it.”  “It was a very moving play” “ To me the show seemed like something that actually happened in real life.” “I think you are a fantastic performer…”  “It was very exciting and interesting.”

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